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Pressure washing services and more


When you do business with Foster's Pressure Washing and Striping Services, you do business with a reputable company that cares. Cleaning is just something we know and do everyday. Through the years, we've mastered our techniques and the supplies we utilize to professionally clean any surface. From windows to parking lots and even kitchen exhausts, when you require a deep clean, you call us!

Pressure washing services and more


We offer a varied range of services here at Foster's Pressure Washing and Striping Services. For commercial, residential, and industrial clients we're here to accommodate your cleaning needs! Known for our versatile pressure washing services, we can clean nearly any surface with ease. For all those extra duties that our clients simply don't have time for like cleaning windows, we're here for you! Be sure to explore our range of services below and be sure to call us today at (318) 372-7052 to get your free estimate!


If it can be pressure cleaned, we do it! We've mastered the art of wood restoration as well as pressure washing vinyl siding and concrete. We can clean any type of structure, commercial building, and more! From driveways to parking lots and trails, leave it to the experts!


There's literally no surface we can't tackle here at Foster's Pressure Washing and Striping Services. As part of our services, we remove dust, grime, dirt, oil stains, and other build-up from common surfaces that range from decks, garage floors, factory floors, and more!


Cleaning your truck on your own is no easy feat, but with our help, we can have your truck looking good as new! We'll blast away dirt from your tires, windshield, and more leaving every surface with a beautiful sheen. Call (318) 372-7052 to learn more about our services!


Commercial kitchens need to be regularly cleaned to ensure the food quality and that floors are slip-safe. We specialize in cleaning kitchen exhaust systems as well as the fan and belt maintenance on the roof.


Our striping services are not limited to just putting paint on the ground. We install speed bumps, bollards, bumpers, and any type of sign that is needed to ensure safety for parking.


Dirty roof? No worries! Our soft wash roof washing is a low pressure chemical application to get rid of blue-green algae. This application safely cleanses the surface with no damage to your roof whatsoever!

Pressure washing services and more


This service refers to the application of a protective coating over pavement that will elevate the appearance and create a more smooth, even finish. The benefits? Improved functionality, reduced risks and damage to vehicles, and overall protection against weather elements!


Often overlooked, windows require a thorough cleaning now and then. But some windows can only be tackled by the professionals. For commercial and industrial windows, leave it to Foster's Pressure Washing and Striping Services to blast away dirt and build-up in no time regardless of height or size.


At Fosters, we perform a variety of services for churches including steeple cleaning! Steeples are the vocal point for the exterior of any church so keeping it clean is important. Our team has the equipment to reach the heights necessary to remove any build-up from your church's steeple.

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